Metal Machining Services for the Aerospace Industry

Metal Machining
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In the aerospace industry, precision metal fabrication is a highly sought after service in order to achieve the safety and performance results needed for the equipment involved. The quality of the parts must be ensured throughout the entire manufacturing process. At JBC Machine, we are able to provide the metal machining services you need for your specific aerospace industry requirements.

The various metal machining services we offer include drilling, 3D milling, threading, metal machining, boring, turning, and split anvils.

Handling Complex Aerospace Requirements

We are able to take on large and small volume orders with various types of metals, geometrical shapes, and tolerances. We can work from detailed drawings, samples or models you provide.

At JBC Machine, we have the knowledge and experience to provide metal machining services for a range of metals, including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and tool steel. Regardless of the metal, we have your metal machining services covered. With our more than three decades of experience, we are able to cater to your specific requirements to produce exceptional results for your aerospace industry project. We also have your heat treating requirements covered.

After heat treating, we are also able to provide grinding and finishing capabilities of critical part features. We carry a patent on a hardened split anvil manufactured from D2 tool steel for use in the paper industry. After heat treating, it is ceramic turned according to precision tolerances. We also have connections with various vendors that enable us to provide you with any necessary finishing requirements such as nickel plating, black oxide, painting, and more.

Engineering Metal Machining Services

Customers that perform design services in-house can provide us with a model from which we can utilize our 3D expertise. Other customers may want to take advantage of our engineering capabilities in which we utilize GibbsCAM, AutoCAD, and CATIA to produce precise models and drawings. Through our capabilities, we are able to provide the metal machining and milling results you need to the details and precision you require.

For information about how we can provide you with the metal machining services you need for your aerospace industry requirements, call us today at 920.779.4075, drop us a message through our contact form, or request a free quote.

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