21Feb 2020

Conventional and manual machines certainly provide certain benefits when it comes to fabrication manufacturing processes. However, CNC machines offer superior capabilities when compared to other options. At JBC Machine, we utilize high-quality CNC machining to deliver vital solutions to our customers on a consistent basis. Some of the reasons why you can benefit from CNC […]

11Feb 2020

In almost any area where there is industrial manufacturing, production, and fabrication services, there are also machine shops. This is true in smaller communities and rural areas across the country, and it is also true in major cities. Choosing the best machine shop services for your specific production needs is crucial as an OEM. Relying […]

04Feb 2020

One of the advantages our customers have in working with the team at JBC Machine is our experience with all machining processes and equipment. This is invaluable as it allows our highly trained and experienced machinists and engineers to not only choose the most cost-effective way to create parts but to also choose the right […]

07Jan 2020

One of the challenges of being an OEM in the aerospace industry is the need to carefully choose providers for any parts and services that are outsourced. This not only ensures quality control in all parts, but it also verifies the provider is aware of the standards required in the aerospace industry and has the […]

06Dec 2019

The process of stainless steel machining is utilized to cut sheets, plates, and bars into shapes with great precision for applications in industries such as automotive, paper, aeronautics, food packaging, retail, and shipping. Machining can be carried out through the use of CNC machines programmed with CAD/CAM software for the production of intricate parts. During […]

29Oct 2019

Aluminum is easy to machine compared to certain other types of metals. There are a few factors that significantly affect the machinability of this metal, which we will explore below. At JBC Machine, we offer a wide array of machining services, including those involving aluminum machining, for various industrial applications. 1. The Metal The metal […]