16Oct 2017

At JBC Machine, we operate, among other things, an aerospace machine shop. This requires we focus on meeting the exacting demands of this industry. Operating a machine shop of this type requires we understand the complexity of the machinery. We not only need to ensure our technology is capable of addressing the exacting specifics of […]

24Aug 2017

Aluminum is not one of the easiest metals to work with. In fact, some alloys are soft and difficult to machine, but aluminum offers many advantages over other metals and plastics. When you come to JBC Machine, you enjoy the benefits of complete aluminum machining services. Here is what we mean. The Importance of Finishing […]

21Aug 2017

When it comes to metal machining services, some shops give you few choices. However, JBC Machine offers many kinds of machining services. Each process is precise, and we can give you custom service too. Here are some of the things we can do for you. Turning JBC Machine has some of the latest technology in […]

16Aug 2017

The applications for CNC machining have never been greater than they are today and they grow with each passing hour. JBC Machine offers custom CNC machining services for many industries. Here are just a few businesses that can benefit from these services. Engineering Services Engineers often have great ideas for new services or products. They […]

10Aug 2017

Some metals are easier to work with than others, and stainless steel machining can present a lot of problems. Difficult does not mean impossible and we here are JBC Machine are well equipped for handling this material. Here are some tips from your stainless steel specialists at JBC Machine, to help you improve your work. […]

06Jun 2017

If you need a precision threading operation, JBC Machine has many different methods and processes to serve you. Our high-tech machinery includes CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, and 5-axis machining. We can do many types of thread machining and thread milling to your specifications. What is Thread Milling? Over 20 years ago, the aerospace industry […]