CNC Machining

At JBC Machine, our experience with a wide range of metals is extensive. We provide custom CNC machining services for everything from carbon steel and stainless steel, to alloy steel and tool steel. Regardless of the metal involved, we have you covered with the more than three decades of experience we bring to the table. […]

There are several different options to consider in the formation of plastic parts and components. For relatively simple shapes and forms, plastic extrusion can be an effective option. This is a relatively fast process which is ideal when tight tolerances and precision shapes are not essential. Another option to consider is injection molding for plastic […]

Machine shops use a variety of materials when producing components. While the major material is undoubtedly metal, plastic is also in common use. At JBC Machine, we use both metal and plastic in producing high-quality components for diverse industries. In CNC plastic machining, we have the choice of several different types of plastics. Common Plastic […]

Custom machine services allow you to follow the development of new products from the engineering stage to prototype and on to full production. The signs of an excellent machine shop are precision work, on-time delivery, and top-level customer service. When looking for a custom shop, it is important to do your homework and find the […]

When it comes to metal machining services, some shops give you few choices. However, JBC Machine offers many kinds of machining services. Each process is precise, and we can give you custom service too. Here are some of the things we can do for you. Turning JBC Machine has some of the latest technology in […]

The applications for CNC machining have never been greater than they are today and they grow with each passing hour. JBC Machine offers custom CNC machining services for many industries. Here are just a few businesses that can benefit from these services. Engineering Services Engineers often have great ideas for new services or products. They […]

Bronze is identified by its dull, gold color. Although it looks like brass, the primary difference is the faint rings on the surface of bronze. It is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and tin with several other alloying materials including arsenic, aluminum, silicon, manganese and phosphorus. These each produce different properties in the final […]

When the term “aerospace” comes up, most people think about rockets, space shuttles or NASA. But a machinist in an aerospace machine shop may have very different ideas. They may think of complex jet engine components and how these parts are milled. So what is actually done in an aerospace machine shop? Milling Impellers It […]