Aluminum Machining

Many of the new customers that come to JBC Machine have negative experiences with other machine shops, particularly when it comes to aluminum machining. While aluminum is often considered a malleable option, this is dependent on the alloy. Different alloys of aluminum require different options in equipment to provide the horsepower and the precision cutting […]

Various metals often require a machining process to meet a specific need. These include plastic, steel, iron, and bronze but one of the most versatile and often used metals is aluminum due to its cost, durability, resistance to corrosion, and its lightweight. Aluminum machining is often desired by the customers of JBC Machine in a […]

Aluminum is not one of the easiest metals to work with. In fact, some alloys are soft and difficult to machine, but aluminum offers many advantages over other metals and plastics. When you come to JBC Machine, you enjoy the benefits of complete aluminum machining services. Here is what we mean. The Importance of Finishing […]