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Some metals are easier to work with than others, and stainless steel machining can present a lot of problems. Difficult does not mean impossible and we here are JBC Machine are well equipped for handling this material. Here are some tips from your stainless steel specialists at JBC Machine, to help you improve your work. […]

If you need a precision threading operation, JBC Machine has many different methods and processes to serve you. Our high-tech machinery includes CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, and 5-axis machining. We can do many types of thread machining and thread milling to your specifications. What is Thread Milling? Over 20 years ago, the aerospace industry […]

If your business is all about machining, your company may specialize in one or several services. This depends on the needs of your customers and your capabilities. Many modern machine shops today are better off when they outsource specific materials like aluminum. Here are some important reasons to come to a trusted source like JBC […]

The drilling operation is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Machines, usually mills or drill presses, are used to drill holes of varying sizes and depths. Common functions in a drilling operation include tapping, countersinking, reaming, counterboring, and spot facing just to name a few examples. Tapping   This is the process of cutting […]

Bronze is identified by its dull, gold color. Although it looks like brass, the primary difference is the faint rings on the surface of bronze. It is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and tin with several other alloying materials including arsenic, aluminum, silicon, manganese and phosphorus. These each produce different properties in the final […]

When the term “aerospace” comes up, most people think about rockets, space shuttles or NASA. But a machinist in an aerospace machine shop may have very different ideas. They may think of complex jet engine components and how these parts are milled. So what is actually done in an aerospace machine shop? Milling Impellers It […]

There are a lot of technical and industry specific terms that are used in any given business. While this is great for someone with training or experience in that industry to be able to streamline discussions with shortened descriptions, it can be confusing for those not familiar with the terms. At JBC Machine we try […]

One of the most important decisions that an OEM, inventor, startup business or even an established manufacturing companies must make in turning an idea into a final product will be hiring the right subcontractors. In most cases, specialized services like prototype machining won’t be handled in-house because of the specialized machines, software and knowledge required […]

Whether you have your own machining equipment or rely on a service for your needs, a custom machine shop can be a valuable business partner to have. In fact, there are many important reasons to include a shop like JBC Machine in your operations. Here are just a few of the advantages you will enjoy. […]