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3D Milling Services

3D Milling Services

3D Milling requires precision and care to create exactly what a customer needs. At JBC Machine, we take pride in our ability to provide quality results for you – our customer – whether you provide a sample part, drawing, an exact model, or only have an idea that needs to be turned into reality.

Engineering Phase

In many cases, our customers have the ability to design their models for us to use in the 3D milling process. In this situation, the customer provides the model, and we create the perfect 3D item for them. Other times, a customer knows what is needed but does not have the ability to design it up front. This is no problem for us. We can create a model for you and we’ll work with you until every detail is intact. We ultilize AutoCAD, Catia, and GibbsCAM to create all the necessary drawings and models for your project.


We utilize the latest software when programming our 3D parts. With GibbsCAM we are able to import multiple file types, meaning if you have a 3D model, chances are good we can load it and program right off your file. GibbsCAM is also capable of creating quality models from scratch in the hands of our experienced programmers. Once we have a model, we put Gibbs to work creating advanced 3D Milling programs for our machines.

3D Milling Process

For highly precise designs, we use our OKK VB53, which is considered to be a mold making machine, to create detailed 3D parts. All of our OKK machines provide exemplary quality finishes on 3D shapes. Our process is one of precision, quality, and reliability. Our final products meet the distinct specifications required by each customer. As technology improves, so does our process – so our products always remain top-of-the-line.

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