What Makes The Biggest Difference Between Machine Shop Services?

Machine shop services
By jbc-admin

As an OEM or as a company looking for prototype machining or specialized machining services for a one time project, knowing what to look for in machine shop services can be the difference in a job well done or a job that becomes a problem.

Pinpointing one specific advantage over all other factors in machine shop services is different based on the type of service required. However, for most OEMs and even small stand-alone projects, there are multiple services a machine shop can offer. Utilizing one shop to complete multiple processes can help to decrease the supply chain, streamline production, more effectively manage quality control standards and even to reduce the cost per unit of production.

At JBC Machine, we see the biggest differences between machine shop services as a combination of experience, expertise, equipment, and highly trained machinists. Together, these factors contribute to better quality control throughout production, an understanding of industry standards, and the capability to produce the parts to the specifications required.

Full Service Shops

At JBC Machine, we provide full machine shop services. This includes having state-of-the-art equipment using the latest in software and technology for precision machining for prototyping through to large volume orders.

Offering services from engineering support through to 3D milling, split anvils, and full metal machining, we can create the parts and components you need. We also have experience in expertise in working with challenging types of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze.

In addition to working with standard and well as exotic types of metals and alloys, our shop is also set up to provide CNC plastic machining. With the increasing use of plastics in all types of industries, including in medical devices, energy, electronics, and even in the aerospace industry, this is also a deciding factor for many OEMs as to the best machine shop.

To find out more about the differences at JBC Machine, contact us today at 920-779-4075, or use the website form to request a quote online.

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