The Differences In Working With An Aerospace Machine Shop

Aerospace Machine Shop
By jbc-admin

One of the factors that distinguishes JBC Machine from other machine shops is our reputation in the aerospace industry. We are a Gulfstream Aerospace approved vendor, which means we are approved to provide parts for the aerospace industry as approved by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

This is not an easy approval to obtain. To become a Gulfstream approved aerospace machine, shop a company has to complete all necessary documentation of quality control and processes as well as perform to specific standards. This is a voluntary process and it requires commitment from all employees and the management team to meet the standard required for approval.

Precision Is Mandatory

As an aerospace machine shop, we see precision production of parts to exacting tolerances and specifications as part of a job well done. All of our machinists and staff are extensively trained in our quality control process, ensuring that any deviations from standards of production are immediately recognized, addressed and corrected.

We also have tests throughout production to ensure all parts are machined to the exacting specifications of our customers. Precision in these types of processes is not optional but rather a key part of the service we provided.

Quality Control

While we use the latest in cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology in our aerospace machine shop, it is our people that make the difference. Each of our machinists and technicians take personal pride in ensuring that every job is completed to the precision standards required.

We understand the significance of each part that we produce. In industries such as the aerospace industry, errors or deviations from the standards are simply not acceptable. Our experience and our recognition as the top Gulfstream Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year award three times since 2009 is a testimony to how hard we work to ensure quality, precision parts to all of our customers. To learn more, browse the website or contact our staff at 920-779-4075.

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