Premier Machine Shop Services for Numerous Industry Applications

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At JBC Machine, we have more than 30 years of experience providing machine metal services to our customers. The range of specific machine shop services we offer include boring, drilling, turning, threading, 3D milling, engineering, to name several. Our services are carried out through the use of state-of-the-art software and equipment to help ensure the production of quality products in a timely manner. Regardless of whether you need prototype machining or a large product order, we have your machining services covered from start to finish.

Detailed Machining

Our team of machining professionals is experienced with handling a wide range of materials. We provide machining services in a number of different categories, including steel machining, aluminum machining, bronze machining, stainless steel machining, and CNC plastic machining.

Our entire process is geared around the accuracy and precision of the finished product. We cover the details through our professional skills and experience as well as our measuring gauges and tools that undergo calibration on a regular basis to ensure total accuracy. As well, we implement robust quality control practices to ensure your project is completed with the highest quality of workmanship, tight tolerances, and precision.

Serving Multiple Industries

We are highly trusted as a machine shop services provider in multiple industries, including the aerospace industry in which we are a Gulfstream Aerospace approved vendor for machined parts. We also provide custom CNC machining services for the paper machine, vacuum packaging, pneumatic ink stamp printer, and food processing industries. In addition we provide manufacturing services for aircraft interior hardware furniture parts as well as equine dental power tools and accessories.

You can depend on our custom machine services as your premier source for the parts you need in various applications. We have you covered, from design and engineering to manufacturing large assemblies or single components. Through our relationship with a wide range of vendors along with our resources, professionals, and experience, we offer a comprehensive solution for your machining needs. We also provide services involving anodizing, heat treating, painting, oxidizing, and more.

For more information about our machine shop services, call us today at 920.779.4075 or complete our contact form, or request a free quote.

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