Our New Collaborative Robot

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By jbc-admin
Our New Collaborative Robot

Introducing JBC’s First Collaborative Robot

For the last several years, collaborative robots have been gaining popularity in the world of CNC machining. Collaborative robots are smaller and more flexible than most traditional industrial robots. They also come with an array of built in safety features. Consequently, they are easy to accommodate even in smaller machine shops, they can be used to perform a variety of different tasks, and they can safely share workspace with people. 

At JBC Machine, we recently installed our first collaborative robot, and we’re excited to start integrating it into our operations. We will not be using this new piece of technology to replace any human workers. We invested in it with the goal of helping our machinists become more efficient. Since it’s difficult to find skilled machinists in today’s job market, this was a logical step for us to take. 

The Benefits

Now, our machinists will be able to program the robot to tend to a machine and run some of the simpler, more repetitive work while they set up and run other machines. This will allow JBC to run a more productive shop without adding to our team members’ workloads. It will also help protect our machinists from physical issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, which can occur as a result of performing repetitive motions on large production runs. 

Another benefit our collaborative robot will provide is the potential for lights out machining when we are running a production job. Overall, we expect the new machine to help us increase our throughput without having to increase our workforce, thus making us a more efficient custom machine shop. 

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