Methods and Benefits of Precision Threading

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Many manufacturing processes rely heavily on a service called precision threading. This process is highly effective at producing screw threads which are needed for a wide array of industrial applications. At JBC Machine, we are your source for precision threading services that produce exceptional quality threaded parts.

Purpose of Precision Threading

Threading is used mainly to produce screwed connections on parts that are used in structures and machines. This service helps ensure exceptional parts application and the simplification of structural configurations.

Threading via Mill, Lathe, or Die-Cutting

Precision threading can be performed on a milling machine. In this case, a CNC machining center with helical interpolation is required, which ensures the efficiency of thread milling operations and dependable results. With threading on a lathe, the production of external and internal threads is made possible. The precision threading technique chosen will be based on the application of the parts involved.

When it comes to cutting external threads, the die-cutting method is highly popular. With die-cutting, parts are produced relatively rapidly. This method produces quality and accuracy to a moderate degree and its results are acceptable for most parts which are mass-produced.

Benefits of Precision Threading Operations

Thread cutting produces screwed connections for parts. Connections that have complete screws require internal threads and sometimes complementary external threads. For single piece manufacturing and repair operations, the ability to cut threads in this manner is a vital technique.

Our Precision Threading Operations

At JBC Machine, we utilize the latest technology, including everything from our software systems to our equipment to help ensure accuracy and quality results during each operational stage. Our trained and experienced personnel provide our precision threading services and the machines they operate make possible faster production and lower costs.

Regardless of the type of threading you need, we provide precision threading operations via lathe machines that can provide fast and accurate results and also carry out a large number of operations to top-of-the-line industry standards.

To learn more about the precision threading services we offer to meet the needs of your applications, give us a call today at 920.779.1047, reach us through our contact form, or request a free quote.

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