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Quality and precision is paramount to keeping your shop plowing through the competition. Struggling with today’s economy and holding on to customer relationships is as challenging as machining that perfect fitting. We need to be flexible, and we need to keep current on technology to provide our customers with the solutions they need. That’s why at JBC Machine, we use only the latest in cutting-edge technology computer-guided systems.

Today’s materials range from steel to plastics and composites, and your equipment needs to meet your clients’ needs. Different materials need different solutions, and we owe it to our clients to keep at the cutting-edge of modern technology. Precision and quality depend on our choice of tools, and from farming implements to aircraft parts, material handling dictates the systems we use.

Modern machine shop services can’t afford to make errors, and while processes can never be made error proof completely, we need to be conscious of the need for maximizing quality. Today’s CNC technology eliminates much of the uncertainty and having true craftsmen to operate it gives you a winning combination of quality, time and time again. Custom designed fixtures, aren’t always cost effective, but utilizing CNC technology with standard fixtures, we can keep costs down. Lower costs mean lower prices to our customers.

Error Proofing
Error proofing helps cut costs, reduce waste, and produces high-quality results. The increases in precision often mean the difference between a worthless machined piece and a money maker for your shop. We have to give the customer what he wants and needs, and there is little room for error if you fit a part for a tractor or a plane. CNC helps us to provide our customers with safe and quality parts, ensuring return business.

CNC machine shop services offer low-cost solutions with high quality to our customers. The flexibility it offers is just too important to turn away. The old days are gone, and whether your clients want one piece or a thousand pieces, they need quality and precision in their finished product each and every time. Their safety depends on it. At JBC Machine, there is no one size fits all, we strive to customize to handle the growing needs of our client base.

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