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Machining is a control process that involves the removal of material from an individual raw material piece into the desired size and shape. The process utilizes various pieces of equipment, including machines, drill presses, and lathes to produce shapes for different kinds of metals. At JBC Machine, we employ a range of different metal machining methods to provide important solutions for our customers.

Types of Machining

The machining of hard materials such as higher medium carbon steel is referred to as hard machining. Milling is a classic example of this machining method.

The process of soft machining involves the machining action that occurs before the treatment is applied. This type of machining was utilized extensively for applications that involve large parts, deep cuts, or materials such as soft steels, brass, or aluminum.

The process of electrical discharge machining utilizes electrical sparks or discharges to create a desired shape. Through recurring current discharges that occur rapidly between two electrodes, material is removed from a workpiece. This method of metal machining is used effectively for parts that require deep cuts and possess thin features.

Metal Machining Tools

There are number of characteristics of metal machining tools that produce high quality and cost effective parts.

These tools must maintain their hardness and strength at high temperatures. In addition, they must have sufficient toughness characteristics that prevent them from chipping or fracturing during cutting operations. As well, they must provide an acceptably long service life to prevent unnecessary early tool replacement.

Cutting tools are made from materials that have inherently strong and hard characteristics. Some common materials used for metal machining cutting processes include cemented tungsten carbide, high-speed tool steel, and carbon tool steel.

Choosing the right cutting tool for the job is something that an experienced CNC machining company understands how to do. The goal is to produce results that are highly precise through the application of a process that is efficient, fast, and also economical for the company itself and the customer.

At JBC Machine, with more than three decades of experience in the industry, we have the machines on hand to fulfill your machining requirements.

For information about how we can serve your CNC metal machining needs, give us a call today at 920.779.4075, complete our contact form, or request a free quote from our website.

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