Common Metal Machining Techniques

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Despite other manufacturing technologies that have been developed in recent years, CNC machining still stands out as an efficient and reliable service for the production of precision parts in a range of substrates. At JBC Machine, we are your source for CNC machining services that can help you achieve your product goals.

Below are four common machining techniques that are used extensively to produce various types of product components and prototypes.

CNC Turning

A turning operation rotates the workpiece with the cutting mechanism positioned on moving slides and conveyed toward the workpiece for the required material removal. The slide may be moved closer to or away from the centerline or rotated up and down the length of the workpiece. CNC turning is ideal for quickly removing a large quantity of material. Lathes are able to produce uniform, smooth surfaces and are a common type of turning machinery to create concentric shapes on the outer edge of a circular component.

CNC Milling

Utilizing multi-point rotary cutters, CNC milling eliminates material from a workpiece. With this machining technique, the workpiece is mounted in the midst of a moving table. With some CNC milling machines, the cutting tool is stationary and the table moves the workpiece to produce the designated cuts. Milling may be applied to a pre-machined workpiece as a finishing operation that adds slots, pockets, holes, and more. There are two main ways to perform CNC milling – face milling and peripheral milling. Face milling cuts the flat surfaces of a workpiece. Peripheral milling, as the name suggests, cuts the periphery or profile; the shape of the part. It can also cut pockets and slots into a workpiece.

CNC Drilling

Drilling utilizes a two-edged, narrow rotating device to create round small and large holes in a workpiece – with diameters as small as a few thousandths of an inch. As an economical machining technique, drilling is an essential process for many components and product designs.

CNC Grinding

When you need to produce a flat surface on a metal part, CNC grinding is an ideal technique. CNC grinding makes slight cuts on a workpiece by using a spinning disk. This type of grinding is implemented to create very small cuts or to texturize the surface.

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