Choosing Custom Machine Services for Your Project NeedsAny process that cuts, molds or forms metal material into a final product is known as metal fabrication or machining. There are many stock metal components that are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials that can be altered to meet your parts’ specifications in machine shops. When manufacturers require a unique metal product or non-standard component, custom machine services can provide both design and production assistance for these built-to-order parts.

At JBC Machine, we are a custom job shop and can fulfill on a large variety of parts and quantity requirements.

Service Types

Custom machine services are oftentimes complex and can be done in large or small capacities. In these instances the CNC lathes are configured to the design of the application and are integrated with CAD/CAM software to produce the accurate precision machining necessary.

Manufacturing a unique product often requires a great deal of design and planning. Custom design services are important to conceptualize how a product should look and this takes into account versatility, strength, and appearance. Computer-aided design software can help in creating a prototype (three-dimensional representation) of a product.

The CAM software then allows us to download the files from the CAD software and create precise programs for the CNC machines so parts with complex shapes and geometry can be created efficiently and accurately. JBC has extensive experience with a wide variety of metal fabrication processes including milling, drilling, boring, threading and more. Some assembly may be required to combine two or more components into a single functional unit. These custom machine services can include painting, adhesive bonding, riveting, and grinding.

Machine Shop Selection

Finding a machine shop that meets your needs when it comes to product quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency is integral to business success.

At JBC Machine, we have over three decades of experience and a well-established record of providing good service to an array of industries including (but not limited to) electrical, agriculture, printing, aerospace, automotive, food processing and packaging.

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