4 Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing A Trustworthy CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machine Shop
By jbc-admin

If you need a shop to help you meet seasonal demands, niche markets, or other kinds of machining services, you can turn to a good CNC machine shop for assistance. But which shop should you choose? This selection can affect the future of your business and is a very important decision. Here are 4 crucial factors to remember to help you choose the best shop for your business.

1. Consistent Quality

High-quality is an important consideration. However, the CNC machine shop you choose should deliver quality every time you place an order. If not, you may have to spend a lot of time returning materials and dealing with customer complaints.

2. Timely Deliveries

If you want a shop you can depend on, it should provide materials when promised. This takes a company which has the right kind of shipping or freight system in place. Getting your materials on time also means quick turnaround times for orders. A good CNC machine shop can get your materials out within a reasonable timeframe and provide rush orders when needed.

3. A Wide Range of Services

Do you sometimes need high-grade aluminum parts for the aerospace industry? Maybe your needs include milling, turning, boring, prototyping, and other services. When you choose a shop like JBC Machine, you enjoy all these services and much more.

4. Years in the Business

JBC Machine has been serving the needs of our customers since 1985. We have grown from a single lathe machine in a rented garage, to a state of the art shop with 17 machinists and a total workforce of 28 employees. Several of our machinists have been with us for more than 20 years. When you need custom precision machining services, you can depend on JBC Machine. Call us today at (920) 779-4075 to see what we can do for you.

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