Why Use JBC Machine for Your Custom CNC Machining Needs?

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By jbc-admin

There are a lot of different machining services to choose from, most of which provide top quality products. At JBC Machine we strive to provide not only top quality final parts and components but also a range of other services that are of value to our customers.

Design Assistance

One of the services we offer in our custom CNC machining business is assistance with all aspects of the project. Our team can work with your in-house design team or even with what you thought was just a crazy idea. Through collaborating, we can develop the computer model or drawing needed to produce a prototype that will be ready to transition into full production.

Having our expert machinists work on your side during the design process has several different benefits to your business. To help understand how our input early in the process can help, here are some important considerations.

  • Understanding of the process – we know the custom CNC machining process, and we also have experience in working with a wide range of industries. This understanding of both the technical aspects of creating the part as well as industry standards allows us to provide input and suggestions to streamline the design process.
  • Working with various materials – through the custom CNC machining at JBC Machine we can work with plastics, composites and a variety of metals from steel and stainless to aluminum and bronze. We know the advantages and limitations of all the materials we work with. Our expertise can save you headaches down the road.
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment – in order to provide the quality and precision our customers in the aerospace, food processing, packaging, agricultural, paper and processing industries require, we use the most up-to-date computer software and machines. Our equipment allows us to complete projects other companies may not be able to complete in the same timeline and for the same price.

We are also a shop that can work with a customer needing a single part to an OEM needing thousands of machined components. Each of our customers are treated with the same care and attention, which is why our work has earned a 99.9%customer satisfaction rating.

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