Why Aluminum Machining is the Way Forward

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The work of drilling and cutting to transform an unfinished piece of aluminum into a finished product is referred to as aluminum machining. Although the process can be complicated, it requires the application of powerful and precisely operating machinery to complete properly. Various industries benefit from this machining process, including energy, aircraft manufacturing, computer, and food packaging. At JBC Machine, we provide an extensive range of machining services for our customers, including those involving aluminum.

As one of the most versatile metals on earth, aluminum can be found almost everywhere in daily life. The parts that comprise aluminum material possess a useful combination of characteristics – they are durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, aesthetically appealing, and economical. Products made of aluminum are less expensive than other heavier metals in general due in part to the fact that they can be machined faster and also in many cases do not require additional finishing applications.

CNC Aluminum Machining
CNC machining is the most common method for machining aluminum. The system utilizes a computer file that directs the machine to carry out specific tasks based on a blueprint created through computer aided design. The programs involved are able to create 3D blueprints that are used to precisely manufacture parts.

A rotating tool is used in a CNC machine that slowly moves over a metal piece, removing portions of the metal in creating the required shape based on the blueprint instructions. These machines are able to turn a block of aluminum into complex shapes in a cost-effective manner that produces quality results.

Extracting Aluminum
Regarding the extraction of aluminum from the earth, techniques have been developed for this extraction purpose. Machines have been manufactured that are able to extract ore from the ground with considerable speed, enabling high quantities of aluminum to be produced on a continual basis to match industrial requirements. Due to the fact that the metal is very soft, the right tools are required to cut and drill holes in aluminum. The softness of aluminum makes it highly workable, which is a distinct benefit for various applications involving this metal.

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