What Is A Rapid Prototyping Machine?

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By jbc-admin

Turning an idea into a prototype before stepping into full production is a critical step. Unfortunately, skipping over this step can result in the costly manufacturing of a lot of parts that simply do not fit correctly or that have some type of design flaw or defect.

To address this issue, savvy design teams opt to develop a prototype. However, the downside to this choice is the time it takes to create the prototype, get approval, and then move into production. JBC Machine offers a simple, cost-effective solution to this issue.

Rapid Prototyping

Our team of experienced machinists can work with your design to create a rapid prototype. While the process itself is expedited to lower the amount of time required, the quality of the prototype is not compromised.

In fact, we always set up for rapid prototype machining as if we were setting up the CNC machines for production. This further reduces the time to move from concept to production. All we need is your approval on the prototype to get started.

In some situations, and with advances in technology, 3D printing may also be an option for rapid prototyping. This is an effective way to create a prototype part at a very low cost while still ensuring full compliance with tolerances that can be repeated through CNC machining services.

To learn more about the benefits of rapid prototyping and how it fits with your production timeline and budget, give us a call at 920-779-4075.

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