The Drilling Operation on a Lathe Machine and More

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The manufacturing and heavy industrial industries involve a number of different specialized fields, some of which provide high quality machining services. At JBC Machine, we are a family owned business that has been producing high quality components since 1985. Our services which we provide in-house include engineering, boring, 3D milling, threading, turning, and drilling operation capabilities.

Through the use of an extensive range of machine tools and state-of-the-art software, we help ensure our customers receive top-quality results. As mentioned above, we utilize drilling as part of our entire range of services to deliver precision parts on behalf of our customers.

Let’s look closer at this particular service with regards to its application on lathes and other machines.

Our Drilling Operation

Through the use of our 5 axis Mori Seiki turning centers, we turn parts and drill cross holes on either face of a part as well as on or off centers. We retain an extensive selection of carbide, standard HSS, and inserted drills for use on our lathes, in addition to our manual machines and VMCs. The through spindle coolant on our OKK machining centers operate with high pressure, enabling us to use the latest coolant through inserted drills as part of our drilling operations.

The Added Benefits

Regardless of your application or project, we are able to employ the right size drill for the job at hand. Once we drill the holes, we are able to tap, bore, or thread mill in accordance with your specifications. We are committed to working with you and spending the time necessary to ensure you receive the end product you need. Our custom machining services, including drilling are applied with extensive attention to detail to meet your precision and specification requirements.

We offer drilling operation services you can trust to fulfill your exacting requirements. We have your drilling needs covered regardless of the scope of your project through the application of our adept knowledge and experience.

To learn more about our drilling and other fabrication services and how we can serve your needs, call us today at 920.779.4075, complete our contact form, or request a free quote on our website.

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