The Challenges Of Aluminum Machining

Aluminum Machining
By jbc-admin

Many of the new customers that come to JBC Machine have negative experiences with other machine shops, particularly when it comes to aluminum machining. While aluminum is often considered a malleable option, this is dependent on the alloy. Different alloys of aluminum require different options in equipment to provide the horsepower and the precision cutting required for any type of high tolerance orders.

Unfortunately, when companies without experience in working with the different alloys attempt aluminum machining, the results can be disastrous. Poor quality machining, inconsistency in the parts, and the inability to meet tolerances required are all common issues.

The Correct Equipment

At JBC Machine, we have the luxury of utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology for all of our machining. In addition to CNC lathes, 5 axis turning centers, and 3D milling services, we also provide threading, drilling and boring specific to aluminum alloys.

This is true for parts we are creating from a design, but we also offer reverse engineering services. If you have a broken or worn part and want us to engineer a replacement, we have the capability to create a complete replica of the part that is identical to the OEM part we receive.

High Tolerances

Unfortunately, the machining of aluminum using older types of machining equipment often results in a buildup of heat around the area where the cutting tool makes contact. More advanced equipment provides better and faster cutting capacity, improved thermal stability, and a better process for flooding coolant to both maintain temperature and also quickly remove the chips that form in the process.

Of course, our experienced machinists overseeing the process are also essential for the quality control we provide with all of our aluminum machining services. JBC Machine is ISO 9001 certified, and we are also AS9100D certified for the manufacture of custom machine parts, which demonstrates our commitment to quality in all aspects of our production.

If you have questions about machining aluminum or need help with reverse engineering of a part, call us today at 920-779-4075.

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