The Benefits Of Having Options In Threading Operation Machines

Threading Operation
By jbc-admin

One of the advantages our customers have in working with the team at JBC Machine is our experience with all machining processes and equipment. This is invaluable as it allows our highly trained and experienced machinists and engineers to not only choose the most cost-effective way to create parts but to also choose the right equipment or machining system for the specific application.

This is true in any type of machining service, but it is also a very practical consideration in any threading operation. Matching the equipment we select with the type of hole required, the order volume, and even the specifics of the job allows our team to provide the best prices and the shortest order turnaround time while still maintaining the highest levels of precision, quality control, and customer satisfaction with our work.

Manual or CNC

We can provide either an operator controlled type of threading operation or one that offers CNC precision threading. Both are exceptional options and provide threaded parts and components to the exacting specification of both the industry standards as well as to the standards or tolerances required by our customers.

The manual engine lathes or vertical milling machines are typically used in prototyping or small volume orders, and they can also be used for highly customized types of projects. The use of CNC lathes or CNC vertical milling machines is often the best option for high volume orders where precision threads are also essential.

We also offer vertical machining centers and 5 Axis Mori Seiki Turning Centers. We determine the best machine and system in conjunction with our customers, and we build in quality control with each operation.

Through either a manual or CNC threading operation, our team can produce any type of threading, including OD and ID, tapered threads, and specialized ACME or trapezoidal threads. Our equipment can produce standard, metric, or English threads.

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