The Benefits of Complete Aluminum Machining Services

Aluminum Machining
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Aluminum is not one of the easiest metals to work with. In fact, some alloys are soft and difficult to machine, but aluminum offers many advantages over other metals and plastics. When you come to JBC Machine, you enjoy the benefits of complete aluminum machining services. Here is what we mean.

The Importance of Finishing

Once your aluminum project is precision machined, it could be far from complete. For example, you may need additional processes to finish it, and you can depend on the same shop that provides high-quality aluminum machining for finishing services. In fact, JBC has more than thirty years of experience working with aluminum, so we know what we are doing. Here are some of the finishing services we offer.


Anodizing aluminum alloys place an oxide coating on the surface of the metal. This layer is more resistant to wear and corrosion than the original metal surface. Once anodized, your aluminum parts are easier to paint too.

Anodizing is a passivation process using electricity. When exposed to special chemicals and electric current, the metal starts to oxidize, and this layer covers the entire surface.

Chemical Conversion

The main purpose of anodizing and chemical or chromate conversion methods is the same. Both processes create a thin oxide layer over the surface of the metal. However, with chemical conversion, the chemicals alone do the work, and electric current is not needed.

Chemical conversion gives aluminum more corrosion protection while keeping its conductivity properties. Anodizing prevents corrosion. It makes the metal harder and prevents chipping.

Comparing Anodizing and Chemical Conversion

If you need marine parts that can withstand a great deal of saltwater exposure, anodizing is the best option. Chromate conversion is often used to prepare metal before painting or powder coating. JBC Machine provides a wide range of aluminum machining services. Call (920) 779-4075 today for more info.

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