Machining Stainless Steel Applications and Handling Extraneous Rust

Stainless Steel Machining
By jbc-admin

The process of stainless steel machining is utilized to cut sheets, plates, and bars into shapes with great precision for applications in industries such as automotive, paper, aeronautics, food packaging, retail, and shipping. Machining can be carried out through the use of CNC machines programmed with CAD/CAM software for the production of intricate parts.

During this stainless steel machining process, an issue has arisen that, although seemingly insignificant, can potentially impose high costs. That issue is: extraneous rust. At JBC Machine, we implement an array of metal machining methods, including those involving stainless steel, to deliver exceptional solutions for our customers.

The Problem of Extraneous Rust

It is a challenging process to prevent tools from contacting surfaces of expensive components during the process of grinding. Depending on the material of the tool involved, extremely small particles are left on the surface and can eventually become visible as extraneous rust.

In order to eliminate this issue, a particular procedure must be employed to prevent this issue from occurring. Our team at JBC Machine, we have the equipment and processes to inhibit the issue of extraneous rust associated with the stainless steel machining process.

Stainless Steel Machining Challenges

Machining stainless steel can be a difficult process. Compared to many other materials, stainless steel possesses low machinability. If it is not handled properly, stainless steel can wear hard on machines and tooling. When choosing the right shop to handle your stainless steel machining needs is essential, it is important to use one that has the experience and tools to perform the work effectively and prevent the problems associated with the development of extraneous rust.

Stainless Steel Machining of Complex Shapes

When stainless steel machining processes such as boring, 3D milling, threading, and turning are performed properly, precision work is the result. Our CNC lathes and VMCs allow us to manufacture precision components. Regardless of the requirements or the complex shapes involved, we can produce the exceptional quality products you need.

At JBC Machine, we have the resources, personnel, and experience to handle your stainless steel machining application requirements, give us a call today at 920.779.4075, complete our contact form, or ask for a free quote through our website.

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