Improving Part Production With 3D Milling

3D milling
By jbc-admin

One of the most important aspects of JBC Machine services is our commitment to quality and to creating the ideal part for our customer. We can start with your idea, your drawings or even a current part and reverse engineer it to create the ideal, lowest cost production option.

One of the newest technologies in the machining industry is the use of 3D milling. This type of part production, most of our customers will have a model or will work with our design team to create a model. Our in-house generated models will be created using Catia, GibbsCAM, or AutoCAD. In most cases, customer supplied models are able to be imported directly into one of our programs.

From these software models, we can then use those drawings to program and machine a 3D part. We use a system that includes a mold making machine, so it works to tight tolerances for precision milling of the final product. The results can be very simple shaped parts, or they can be complex and detailed.

The Difference in Milling and 3D Printing

In some ways, 3D milling is the reverse operation of 3D printing. Just like any machining process, this unique milling application removes material from the workpiece to create the desired shape and contours to the workpiece.

With 3D printing, the opposite happens. The 3D printer generates the material that creates the shape, building it from the base up. Both options, the 3D printing, and milling can be done using several types of metals and plastics, which makes them an ideal option for prototyping.

The Advantage of Milling

The biggest advantage of 3D milling is the ability to create the prototype exactly as it will be produced later. This includes the same type of metal, alloy or plastic, not all of which are available with the 3D printing process.

At JBC Machine, we offer the latest in technology and milling options to create your prototypes and to move into production. To find out if 3D milling is right for your order, give us a call today at 920-779-4075.

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