Essential Factors In Quality Metal Machining

Aerospace Machine Shop
By jbc-admin

Looking for metal machining shops is not as easy as just choosing a name out of a list of search engine results or calling up a local machining service. While both of these options may provide you with an ideal company to work with, there is an equal chance you may select a company that has limited equipment and experience to get the job done correctly and on time.

At JBC Machine, we specialize in machining across a wide variety of industries. This includes the aerospace industry. We are a Gulfstream Aerospace approved vendor, as well as working with OEMs in the printing, food processing, paper production and packaging industries to name just a few.

We believe there are four factors that set us apart from other metal machining shops. These differences are benefits to our customers, many who have trusted us with the prototyping and large volume production runs for decades.

Experience and Understanding of the Material

Our team of machinists has worked with a variety of metals and other materials. This includes aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and bronze as well as a growing sector of our machining for plastics and composites.

The understanding and experience in working with these metals and materials make it easy for us to complete prototyping and then move into production as you need.

Knowledge of Machining Operations

The staff at JBC Machine is also experts at the various metal machining services we offer. We can often work with OEMs to develop lower-cost machining options that can also help to produce higher quality products.

Focus on Quality Control

From the first review of our order through to the final piece of the order we focus on quality control. At each step in the machining process parts and components are checked and verified to meet required standards and tolerances, ensuring your order will exceed your expectations.

To find out why we are celebrating 33 years of machining excellence with a customer satisfaction rating of 99.9%, call us today at 920-779-4075.

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