Custom CNC Machining Services for Both Metals and Plastic

CNC Machining
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At JBC Machine, our experience with a wide range of metals is extensive. We provide custom CNC machining services for everything from carbon steel and stainless steel, to alloy steel and tool steel. Regardless of the metal involved, we have you covered with the more than three decades of experience we bring to the table. If you have heat treating requirements, we have relationships with a number of heat treating companies to help ensure your project requirements are met. In addition, we are able to provide finishing and grinding services after heat treating is finished as required.

We handle large batch orders as well as single prototype machining requirements.

CNC Metal Machining
The custom CNC metal machining services we offer include:

  • Drilling
  • 3D milling
  • Threading
  • Boring
  • Split anvils
  • Engineering
  • Turning

CNC Plastic Machining
Over the course of history, metals have been the primary element shaped and milled for parts and production. However, in recent years plastics have also become a popular option an alternative to metals for various industries. Thus, CNC plastic machining services have become more prominent. These services utilize computer numerical control (CNC) through computer programs that operate the custom CNC machining process.

Our CNC plastic machining services are vital in producing the following:

  • Complex geometries
  • Desirable surface finishes
  • Consistent quality production
  • Cost savings

At JBC Machine, we are a premier provider of custom CNC machining services for plastic applications. Our team has more than three decades of experience working with Nylon, UHMWPE, Teflon, Acetal, and more.

Providing Expert CNC Machining Services
Customers who provide design services in-house can provide us the model and we then use our 3D capabilities to complete their projects. In addition, you can utilize the design services we offer to produce precise designs and models through our use of AutoCAD, Catia, and GibbsCAM. We provide the metal machining and milling capabilities you need to ensure your specifications are met with precision.

You can count on our capabilities to provide CNC machining services for a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, bronze, and plastics just mentioned above. Regardless of the material involved, we have the state-of-the-art machinery and professional skills to fill your requirements and specifications.

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