CNC Plastic Machining: Why Has It Become So Popular?

CNC plastic machining
By jbc-admin

Plastic is a wonderful material for a wide range of applications. It’s easy to work with, and its lower cost compared to metal and other materials makes it an increasingly common choice. Here are a few reasons to consider plastic for your next products and why CNC plastic machining is becoming such a popular option.

Complex Geometries

Other materials and manufacturing processes can be great for relatively simple items. However, many manufacturing choices also have significant limitations, especially when it comes to complex geometries. Harsh angles and detailed elements, in particular, present challenges. When using CNC plastic machining, it’s possible to create more complex items, making it a flexible option.


In some fields, tight manufacturing parameters are essential for ensuring products can meet their demands. With CNC plastic machining, extremely low tolerances are possible. Even if other manufacturing options may seem less expensive at first, it’s important to consider the cost of products that don’t meet tight specifications.

Surface Properties

For some applications, it’s important for plastic to have a clean and smooth look, and smoothness can lead to less friction, creating better efficiency and less wear. When using other manufacturing processes, it’s sometimes necessary to polish the surface, which can cause a product to fail specifications while adding to development costs. When using CNC machining, your plastic will have a smooth feeling and clean look right away.

Widespread Use in Industry

In the past, plastic was used primarily in consumer goods, and it didn’t have a reputation for strength. Over the decades, however, plastics have changed considerably, and their advantages mean they’ve made progress in fields from aircraft design to electronics. Although it’s not the right choice for every task, many businesses are surprised to see just how valuable switching to plastic can be.

Cost Savings

When creating a product, it’s important to consider all manufacturing options. Even if you don’t have previous experience with CNC plastic machining, it’s worth taking a look, as modern technology, including computer controls, have made it more affordable than in the past.

Choosing which material to use for your products is essential. Just as important is choosing the right manufacturing process. Although it’s been around for some time, plastic has only started becoming popular in a number of fields, and plastic machining, in particular, is driving its adoption.

Knowing how CNC plastic machining works can help you determine if it’s right for your needs, and it may not be! Please reach out to us at JBC Machine to explore your options.

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