CNC Plastic Machining: Common Types Of Plastics In Use

CNC Machining
By jbc-admin

Machine shops use a variety of materials when producing components. While the major material is undoubtedly metal, plastic is also in common use. At JBC Machine, we use both metal and plastic in producing high-quality components for diverse industries. In CNC plastic machining, we have the choice of several different types of plastics.

Common Plastic for Machining
Plastic components are available for various industrial concerns. They serve the interests of the aerospace, energy, medical, oil and gas, medical and water treatment companies, to name a few. CNC plastic machining can work with a variety of plastics. While the types of this material are quite extensive, at JBC Machine, our machinists work daily with the following common plastics:

  • Acetal (POM): A thermoplastic, this material is characterized by several desirable properties including
    • Good fatigue life/wear resistance
    • Low sensitivity to moisture
    • High resistance to both chemicals and solvents
    • Good electrical properties
    • High strength and toughness

    They are similar to nylon when it comes to applications including gears, bearings and engineering parts.

  • Nylon: Nylon rod, sheet, and tubes are used for their toughness, resistance to wear and abrasion, and durability. This is a general-purpose engineering material consisting of specific grades for specialty applications.
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE): This lightweight plastic is resistant to stain, wear, odor, solvent, and chemicals. Because it meets the requirements of the FDA, USDA, and 3-A Dairy, most applications serve the food and beverage industry.

These are not the only plastics but are three popular types.
CNC Plastic Machining
JBC Machine works with metals, but not exclusive. We utilize CNC plastic machining to address the needs of certain customers. Yet, whether the choice of materials is metal or plastic, we are confident our cross-trained and highly qualified staff are capable of easily using one of our many processes to achieve the results your company demands.

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