Boring Operation

JBC Machine
By jbc-admin

One of the most demanding and delicate processes in machine shops is that of the boring operation. This process is done to enlarge the interior diameter of an item without affecting the outside such as by changing the straightness or compromising the integrity. Care must be taken that the bore remains smooth and uniformly round.

JBC Machine is able to offer boring operations to match the needs of our customers. Through the use of the variety of machines and the latest in software, the shop is able to provide precise work on any project, even down to when the most infinitesimal cuts are required.

In addition to its commitment to constantly updating and maintaining state of the art machinery, the family-owned business relies on the training and experience of its employees to provide top of the line service to its customers in all of its machine shop abilities.

Six of the shop employees are journeymen machinists and several employees have been with JBC Machine in excess of twenty years. In addition to the training acquired outside of the facility, JBC Machine also cross-trains its employees on the other machines thus ensuring all employees can provide full services to the customer and negating the likelihood of delays should a particular machine operator be unavailable during a customer’s production run.

In addition to the extensive training of its employees, the company has a history of expansion at a rate which allows it to grow and still maintain the same level of excellence in customer service and machine operations which started at the beginning when there was one manual lathe and one employee.

For all of a customer’s needs for boring operations, no matter the size, shape or material of the item to be bored, the shop is ready to meet the demand.

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