An Aerospace Machine Shop And Technology

Aerospace Machine Shop
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JBC machine offers machining services to a wide selection of industries. However, we do specialize in the customization and highly demanding work of the aerospace industry. As a qualified and recognized aerospace machine shop, we understand the need for precision. Accuracy is imperative a critical factor when machining components for aircraft. This is why we hire highly skilled staff looking to continuously train on the best technology possible as we regularly upgrade equipment.

Technology and Machining

Technology is a wonderful tool for ensuring the safety of our employees and the quality of our products. If a tool malfunctions or is incorrect for the job, errors occur. This can result in lost time and decreased productivity. Overcoming and/or preventing such errors from occurring is integral to machine shops. One means of accomplishing this is through installing appropriate and suitable equipment.

At our aerospace machine shop, we utilize several advanced technologies to ensure the gratification of all our customers’ demands. By stressing CNC machining, we can control the outcome with precision and accuracy. Among our arsenal are the following:

  • OKK VB53 Die Mold Machine: Frequently used in the 3D milling process, it creates meticulously precise and detailed 3D parts
  • 5 axis Mori Seiki turning centers: These provide excellent turning and drilling capabilities
  • AutoCAD, Catia, and GibbsCAM: Our programmers use these to design and produce to craft the drawings and models you require to make your project possible

In addition, JBC uses CNC lathes, engine lathes, mills and other quality vertical machining centers (VMCs).

Aerospace Machine Shop

Machine shops can enhance product/service quality and consistency by installing the latest, suitable equipment. By ensuring our employees have access to training and the most efficient technology possible, our aim at JBC Machine is to maintain our reputation as a producer of high-quality components. As an approved Gulfstream aerospace machine shop, we are always working with our customers to prove we can deliver the specified precise and highly accurate components on time, within exacting replicability and inside of the stated budget parameters.

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