Monthly Archives: March 2018

One of the factors that distinguishes JBC Machine from other machine shops is our reputation in the aerospace industry. We are a Gulfstream Aerospace approved vendor, which means we are approved to provide parts for the aerospace industry as approved by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. This is not an easy approval to obtain. To become […]

For parts and components in any industry where high corrosion resistance, good tolerance to heat and top strength to weight ratio is a must, stainless steel is often the most cost-effective alloy. The popularity of stainless steel makes it an important part of any machining company business, but it is not always an easy material […]

At JBC Machine, we work with a wide variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers and companies. In some cases, we work with startup companies with very limited experience in working with contract manufacturers. With other orders, even with established companies, there may be some confusion as to the exact type of machining operation that is ideal […]

When it comes to working with production partners, JBC Machine strives to provide the best quality services for all of our customers. This includes those that require a small volume single order or those that may order large volume orders on a regular basis. We treat all of our custom machining services customers with the […]