Monthly Archives: December 2017

JBC machine offers machining services to a wide selection of industries. However, we do specialize in the customization and highly demanding work of the aerospace industry. As a qualified and recognized aerospace machine shop, we understand the need for precision. Accuracy is imperative a critical factor when machining components for aircraft. This is why we […]

Machine shops use a variety of materials when producing components. While the major material is undoubtedly metal, plastic is also in common use. At JBC Machine, we use both metal and plastic in producing high-quality components for diverse industries. In CNC plastic machining, we have the choice of several different types of plastics. Common Plastic […]

If you need turning operations for your business, it is important to find the right people for the job. When searching for turning services, consider working with a company that has a solid reputation and uses advanced technology and high-quality lathes. Doing so, you’ll find turning operations that provide affordable services with flawless results. What […]

The invention of steel changed the world, and stainless steel is perhaps the most useful structural material in the modern world. Making products out of stainless steel requires specialized equipment and expertise, but it’s more accessible than many people imagine. Here are a few ways stainless steel machining can help businesses both large and small. […]