Monthly Archives: March 2017

There are a lot of technical and industry specific terms that are used in any given business. While this is great for someone with training or experience in that industry to be able to streamline discussions with shortened descriptions, it can be confusing for those not familiar with the terms. At JBC Machine we try […]

One of the most important decisions that an OEM, inventor, startup business or even an established manufacturing companies must make in turning an idea into a final product will be hiring the right subcontractors. In most cases, specialized services like prototype machining won’t be handled in-house because of the specialized machines, software and knowledge required […]

There are times when you need an extra level of quality, professionalism and experience to complete a project. This is true for an OEM looking for a better machine shop with advanced equipment and technology, but it is also the case for prototype machining and for small volume production runs for milling, turning, drilling, boring […]

Whether you have your own machining equipment or rely on a service for your needs, a custom machine shop can be a valuable business partner to have. In fact, there are many important reasons to include a shop like JBC Machine in your operations. Here are just a few of the advantages you will enjoy. […]

When clients come to us, they may have an idea of the specific machining method to create a particular part, but in most cases, they are looking to the professionals at JBC Machine to be able to select the right machining option. Turning operations are a cost-effective, precise way to create specific shapes out of […]

Screw threads are an often overlooked and underappreciated invention. This device, an evolution of primitive nail technology, dates back to ancient Greek inventors Archytas and Archimedes as far back as 400B.C. The original purpose was to apply gradual pressure from a crank shaft on olive and grape presses for oil and wine. During this time […]