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Prototype Machining

The Benefit Prototype Machining

Before a product goes from design to production, companies will often have a prototype manufactured first. Especially for large batch runs, a prototype part can save costly rework or even replacement parts down the line by identifying any design or performance issues up front. 3D printing has become a popular option for prototype parts, but is still somewhat limited as far as materials available and surface finishes. Prototype machining allows for the test part to be made from the same material as the final products in production which makes them better suited for any physical testing that may be required. At JBC Machine, we are keeping a close eye on 3D printing technology as it advances. We always strive to stay on the cutting edge and offer the best possible solutions to our customers.

Aluminum Machining

Prototype Design Phase

If you already have a final design ready for prototype machining, that’s great, we’ll be happy to take your design and turn it into reality. If however, while in the design phase of your prototype part, there are any questions that come up, we’re here to help. If needed, we can take a look at your design and make helpful suggestions for weight reduction, cost reduction or to improve function. Over the years JBC Machine has worked with a large variety of materials and assisted many industry professionals with their designs. Whether you have a sample, model, drawing or just an idea in your head, our staff can help you get ready for prototype machining. We work with GibbsCAM, AutoCAD and Catia to create any and all necessary drawings or models for machining.

Prototype Machining

At JBC Machine, when we machine a prototype part, we treat it as if we were setting up a production run. Any programs, fixtures and inspection documents necessary for a production run are created for the prototype. This ensures that when we go into production, there is a seamless transition, shorter start up time, and the same quality parts as the prototype. From plastic, steel, stainless to aluminum, we’ve got you covered. We have been machining prototypes and turning them into production for over 30 years. Whether you’re working with a vacuum packaging machine, a shaft for farm use or an aircraft component, we have the equipment and expertise to take care of your prototype machining. We offer a variety of services including 3D millingturningboring and threading.

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