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CNC Plastic Machining

Plastics in Technology

Historically metals have always been fashioned and milled for parts and production. Recently plastics have become a preferred alternative for metals in a variety of industries so there has been an increase in the need for CNC Machining plastic services. Computer numerical control (CNC) utilizes computer programs to control machining processes.

CNC Plastic Machining

Benefits of Using CNC to Machine Plastics

CNC plastic machining is an imperative part of getting exact dimensions for the following project scopes.

  • Surface Finish – After machining takes place, plastic has a superior surface texture when compared with other processes. The component has a clean and smooth look when professionally machined.
  • Consistent Quality Production – CNC Plastic machining allows for tight control over product specifications to make sure they are consistent whether large or small production orders.
  • Complex Geometry – CNC plastic machining offers one of the best ways to create sophisticated niches and angles.
  • Industry Friendly – Plastic is becoming a popular material for many industries such as energy, aerospace, electrical, electronics, and optical.
  • Cost savings – When it comes to manufacturing costs, it is very often less expensive to machine plastic parts rather than use other processes such as injection molding. The cost of the tooling can be very expensive and require extremely large production runs to recover the cost.

JBC offers the very best CNC plastic machining services available. We have over 30 years of experience working with UHMWPE, Nylon, Acetal, Teflon and many more.

Providing Expert Services

JBC Machine works with plastics but also focuses on machining aluminum, bronze, steel and other materials. Regardless of the medium we have the skills and machinery to meet exact specs and requirements. Our employees are cross-trained to work on many processes from 3D milling, boring, and drilling, to threading and turning.

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