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Bronze Machining

Bronze In The World Today

Bronze is a popular metal because it is highly resistant to water corrosion and also an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. The metal is essential in the mining, hydraulics and refining industry and is used for a variety of purposes including electrical, building materials and parts, bearings and bushings, weapons, decorative pieces and musical instruments.

Bronze Machining

Bronze Machining Design Expertise

Whether you have a sketch, a sample, or just an idea floating around your head, we can help get you from design to production. We use AutoCAD and GibbsCAM to provide complete engineering services from start to finish, using our 3D expertise to drive the modeling of your project. We can also take existing designs and integrate them into our software. Our bronze 3D machining services use advanced equipment to provide a high level of accuracy and precision – which means your parts are manufactured to the tolerances and exact requirements you specify.

At JBC Machine, we work with a variety of bronze material such as UNS/CDA C54400, C63000, C84100, C93200, & C95400. Some materials are easily machined like C93200, also known as bearing bronze, while others are more difficult such as C95400, also known as aluminum bronze. When you have machined bronze as long as we have, you learn how to handle each and every grade. Whether you need bearings and bushings, or slides and guides, trust our experience and let us take care of your next bronze machining requirement.

State-of-the-Art CNC Machining

JBC Machine offers a full array of services for operations that require drillingboring3D millingturningengineeringthreading, and more. We use cutting edge software and equipment to produce the highest quality work. Whether looking for a single prototype or fulfillment on a large order, we make sure products and services are delivered on time and within budget. You can count on our team to deliver the results you need.

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