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CNC Boring Services

CNC Boring Services

Boring and machining are a delicate practice. At JBC Machine, we offer several types of boring operation services to fit the various needs of our customers. Some of the machines we utilize include mills, vertical machining centers (VMCs), engine lathes, and CNC lathes. Each one has a specific purpose of providing precise results for any project.

Boring Operation

Boring Operation Capabilities

Our machines can handle a boring operation on parts of almost any shape, size, and material. They provide accurate positioning, precise round bores, and quality surface finishes as required by the customer. JBC Machine is capable of many types of boring operations such as straight, tapered, conical, eccentric, and more. We have been performing our boring operation in lathes for over 30 years and have the experience to handle your requirements. We keep up with the demands of ever-changing technological advancements and our diverse customers to ensure that we are always meeting your greatest needs.

Purpose of Boring Operation

Boring is typically done to increase the overall size of a hole by changing the interior diameter while obtaining straightness and precision. Drilling tends to result in a jagged, out of round hole, that sometimes “walks” off location. It then needs to be straightened to an exact size and location through a boring operation. Boring can be used in rough machining or final finishing, depending on the need. We are capable of even the most minuscule cuts to guarantee precise sizing. The performance of these machines in the hands of our skilled machinists cannot be beaten.

Utilize Our Expertise

Our customer care team has a high level of experience in improving boring operations of all types. If you’ve got a problem with your production and feel that one of our boring operations could be the perfect solution, we’re always happy to help. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives for more information on our wide variety of operations and capabilities. Our team’s experience and service have earned us a rating of 99.9% in customer satisfaction. Call us today at (920) 779-4075 to get started.

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