Aluminum Machining

Custom Machining for Aluminum

Aluminum machining is a practice used in manufacturing for a variety of industries including (but not limited to) vehicle, computer, energy, food packaging and aircraft manufacturing. Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals on the planet and shows up in almost every industry. Aluminum parts are lightweight, durable, economical, resistant to corrosion and aesthetically appealing to the eye. Parts made of aluminum are less expensive because they can be machined more quickly than other materials and often don’t require additional finishes. However if needed, there is a large variety of finishes that JBC Machine can provide such as anodizing, chemical conversion coating, painting and more. We have been machining aluminum for over 30 years. Check out our aluminum machining services and let us help you with your next project.

Aluminum Machining

Our Milling Services

JBC Machine services include:

  • Turning:
    We utilize Engine Lathes, 2 Axis CNC Lathes, and 5 Axis Mori Seiki Turning Centers
  • Threading:
    We utilize multiple machines to machine a variety of threads, including standard 60°, ACME and Trapezoidal, OD and ID Threading, NPT and BSPT tapered threads and more.
  • Engineering:
    We perform reverse engineering of broken parts that need to be replaced or OEM parts that are unavailable.
  • Drilling:
    We drill cross holes on or off-center, straight or angled, as well as on either face of a part in our MoriSeiki turning centers. We can also drill straight or angled holes on our 4th axis in our OKK VM7III using an array of carbide, standard HSS and inserted drills.
  • Boring:
    We provide a variety of boring operations from straight to conical, tapered and eccentric in order to provide a precise and accurate solution.
  • 3D milling:
    We use advanced software and machinery to program and produce 3D parts for our customers, to ensure quality, precision, and reliability of the end product.

Our Approach to Design

Continually investing in the latest software developments is necessary to keep a competitive edge in the industry. This is why JBC Machine is always up to date with high-end machine tools and stays ahead of the curve with technology. Our aluminum machining capabilities are cutting edge and will provide you with the best possible solution in a cost effective manner.

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